3rd Floor STEAM Activities


Saturday 04/23/2016    
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


180 Old Colony Av., Quincy, Massachusetts, 02170, South Shore

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How Biological Medicines are made

Under the Microscope

Understand the process of cells production

Purifying Medicinal Products

Building bridges and towers
Minimizing Earthquakes impact

Digital Storytelling
Stop-Motion Video

Theremin Electromagnetic Music
Funhouse Mirrors & refraction

Souther Tide Mill and how it works
Quarry and Simple Machines

The Perfect Shot/the highest bounce

Soil Erosion

Self-Inflating Balloon

Make a Helicopter Eyes,

Optics and Light & Refraction

Mathematics Flash (Arrows and bow)

Scratch Programming
Lego Robotics

“Helpfie App Demo
Debrief of the AED campaign”
Hands on simulation of bystander rescue first aid

“Improvisational Theatre Thinking on your Feet”

How Factories Make What You Want with Legos